Magic Acid Ride

Manifested by District F5VE

Inspired by psychedelic revelations that birthed new whimsical views of the world, District F5ve presents

their latest collaboration with acid artist, KILLER ACID for a tasty trip you can’t miss out on!

The duo’s curiosity to explore and their mutual love for dreamy visuals has resulted in more than just two fresh

e-liquid flavors, but an exciting interactive journey that invites the community to join.

Magic Acid Ride was created to uplift the vaping experience through its playful flavor blends containing all of the

thrills imaginable through every exhale. Straying away from ordinary profiles, Hairy Nana’s and PB & Cray delivers

mind-bending pleasures through its hypnotic artwork and nostalgic profiles laced with coolness for heightened

sensations. These flavors will make you fly!